Welcome to our Product Studio

Welcome to our product studio. We offer a wide range of product photography in a modern, fresh setting. We specialise in e - Commerce cutouts and also offer a full range of different backgrounds to showcase your products for both print and the online market.  

Product photography can quickly get very expensive due to the time spent both in the studio and in the post product stages. A single photograph can take hours and even days to produce from start to finish. This can be out of reach for smaller businesses wanting to showcase their products on the world stage.

Here at Tim Smith Visuals we strive to find a balance between the best price for the client and an industry standard quality image that you are proud to both display and sell.

Here at Tim Smith Visuals we don't charge you anything for licensing the images. When you book a shoot with us you will receive ALL of the images on a disc and in your very own album here on the website. 

(Terms and conditions apply)


In studio full day €425 - In studio half day €275

Ecommerce cut outs from €8 per image fully edited

( please note these are guide prices. A free consultation will take place before the agreed session. Here you will be provided with an estimate tailored for your project. )

Below are some samples of our Product images